It’s the time of year when it’s cold and dreary outside and I want everything to be cozy! Fires, blankets, oversized sweaters, candles, soup, warm drinks, a book, give me all of it! What better time than now to talk about the coziest spots in my home where I like to incorporate and enjoy all of the previously mentioned items.

Mug | Sweater

So if you asked me this question during the Christmas season, I would 100% say the coziest spot in my house in right next the the fireplace and tree with all my decor. Make it night time with just the twinkle of the lights and it doesn’t get much cozier, folks. This is where we spend many nights watching Christmas movies and it is perfect!

That said, there’s another pretty cozy place in my house and that’s the loft area. This is where we watch a lot of movies and TV and I love this cozy little nook. I also like to read and work on the blog up here too.

The only thing missing here is a fireplace (which is why the downstairs is also mentioned – and wins during Christmas time) but this is a super cozy place none the less and we spend a ton of nights and evenings up here! I want to add shiplap behind the TV up here to make it even more cozy!

All this talk is making me want to make some hot chocolate, grab my book and my fur blanket and cuddle up in my PJs!

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