How I Get the Most out of Pinterest

Do you love Pinterest and pinning things but feel like you never actually go back and take advantage of all of those pins you save? Are your boards packed full with pins that you can never find anything that you’ve pinned and then they just forgotten? Are your boards vague and you never find what you are looking for? If this sounds like you, don’t worry, this was me too. Until I decided to use Pinterest for me. I’m going to show you how to organize your Pinterest to get the most out of it.

If you spend all that time pinning – you should at least make it beneficial to you. You should be able to easily go back and find things and be inspired and actually DO the things you find on Pinterest. I’m going to share tips on how I use Pinterest to benefit me and actually implement the ideas I pinned. I use Pinterest as a tool and not just something to waste time. I think once you start using it as a tool, you will love it even more!

I’m going to be completely honest, these methods will take a lot of time. But once you do it, you don’t really have to do it again and it will be useful and save you more time in the future so I think it is worth it. Just a heads up, you may have to block off some chunks of time to actually do it. But let’s get started.

Make Specific Boards

This is the biggest thing honestly. When you first started Pinterest you probably had super generic boards: Food, Home, Fashion, Wedding. These are TOO specific. Do you know how many recipes I pin? I can not just have a “Food” board and find anything I am looking for.

I broke up my recipes into super specific categories: Pasta, Chicken, Desserts, Appetizers, etc so that I could find exactly what I wanted instead of 1000 pins on one generic board. To go along with that I also did the next step.

Organize Boards into More Specific Sub-Boards

Some of my boards still just had a lot of stuff in them still, like my pasta board for example. I still just wanted one pasta board but I had hundreds of recipes still! Since you can now make “categories” inside your boards, that’s what I did. So in my Pasta board I have chicken pasta, beef pasta, no meat pasta, seafood pasta, etc. This makes it so much more useful!

Organize your existing pins into these new boards

Now the tough part. You need to start moving and organizing your pins into these new boards. If while you are moving you notice you need more boards or categories, add them! Pinterest does make this easy with the “move” feature that you can use. You can just “select” multiple pins from a board and move them all to a new board. And while you’re doing that you should also do this next step…

Delete old pins that no longer inspire you or aren’t relevant to your life anymore

There were tons of pins I had from YEARS ago that just didn’t make sense to me or I didn’t like anymore. I deleted them and got rid of the clutter so I was only looking at stuff I actually liked and wanted to use some day!

That’s it, pretty easy steps to get your Pinterest organized! I love using Pinterest and it is where I get ideas for almost every part of my life: cooking, home, holidays, crafts, fashion, you name it!

One of the big reasons I first did all of this in the first place was because I was getting married. I had one big Wedding board and I wanted it all organized with the different categories of wedding planning and I really got so much use out of it for my wedding. I organized all of my wedding pins into separate boards for Dresses, cakes, bridesmaids, invites, reception, ceremony, favors, and more! It made planning and pinning for my wedding so much easier!

See all of my Pinterest boards here to see how I organized them!


You will feel so organized and on top of things and you will actually use Pinterest if you implement these tips because it will be so easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Whenever a holiday is approaching, I always scroll through that holiday’s board on my Pinterest to get a little inspiration before it arrives!

Thanks for catching up!

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