Hair Training – How I Learned to Skip Washes

I used to be a person that HAD to wash their hair everyday. I thought my hair was just too greasy and I would never be a lucky one that could skip a wash and still have hair that didn’t look like a grease ball. That was until about 6 months ago when I finally learned that I could skip washes. Now I am consistently washing only every other day. This is huge for me (I know there are those of you out there that only wash once a week) but it does take a while to build up to skipping, and right now I am good with every other day. It saves a tremendous amount of time and is healthier for my hair.

If you are someone who thinks they will never be able to skip a wash, I’m going to show you how I did it because I was that person too! It’s hard at the beginning but I learned to love it – just stay with it!

Start Slow

I started with just skipping ONE day a week. It was usually Sunday when I didn’t go anywhere so I could live with my hair being a little greasy. After a while I slowly started adding one day to each week until I was at every other day.

Dry Shampoo

Use dry shampoo – it really works! My absolute favorite is Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo. I feel it doesn’t leave residue. I spray generously on my roots and comb through. Here is the dry shampoo I use.

Try Curling Your Hair

If you know you are gonna skip the next day, try styling your hair curled and then re-curl on your skip day. I feel my hair looks better curled on day two! (A little hair spray doesn’t hurt)

Still Shower on Skip Days

I still shower on skip days, I just put my hair in a bun. I wash my face really well to prevent oil around my hair line too!

Today I still use dry shampoo but I think I use less (or try to), somedays my hair looks greasier than others but I will just put it up or back and that helps to hide it.

I hope these tips helped anyone out there that wants to wash their hair less but thinks they can’t! Let me know if you have any questions!

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