Last month I announced that I was accepted into Reward Style which is a program that allows bloggers to link products they recommend and make a small commission if anything is bought by a reader using that link.

I wanted to quickly explain all of the different ways you can shop things that I recommend, because there are a few! Of course, you can always shop through the links I put here in my blog posts – that isn’t new. I will always post what I’m wearing and my favorite products in my blogs posts whenever they are available.

You can also go to the new Shop tab up on my menu at the top of the blog. Under that you can find:

Shop My Feed – This is where you can find all of my Instagram pics and the pieces I am wearing linked to them. Just click on the picture to see the products!

Shop My Beauty Products – I have my beauty products that I use daily and swear by organized my category on this page!

Daily Deals – This is the page where I will post sales going on at different retailers as I find them. There will be a date and retailer listed. Most of what I post here will be on sale or a good deal! I will try to update as often as I can.

And lastly, you can also use the app on your phone to shop my looks that I post on Instagram.

The app is free to download in the App Store and you can find me and a ton of other bloggers on there. I will post photos there and link the products to the picture. It will be the exact same as the “Shop My Feed” tab but just in an easy to use app!

  1. Download the app in the App Store
  2. Search for “claireeandrade” in the influencer search
  3. Hit Follow!
  4. Scroll through and tap on all of my photos to find products I am wearing!

As you can see there are a ton of ways to shop what I share and I try to make it as easy as possible and helpful for you. I only recommend products I love and either own myself, am going to buy or want to buy. If what I am wearing is old or sold out, I will link a similar item, but I try my best not to do that!

Thanks for catching up!

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