One Pot Meal #49: Chicken Fajita Soup

So funny story with this recipe, actually not so funny when it happened but, yesterday when I was making this recipe, I put everything into the crockpot, turned it on and left it so I could do other things (like I always do) I came back 3 hours later, expecting it to be done, and noticed it had never even started! I was so upset. It must have been something with the outlet, because once I plugged it in somewhere else it started warming up. Long story, short, we had a very late dinner last night and a big fail on my part.

Hopefully this recipe goes better for you because it is super easy and super yummy!

One Pot Chicken Fajita Soup

What you need

About 1 pound of chicken, diced
1 Red bell pepper chopped
1 Green bell pepper chopped
1 Packet of Fajita Seasoning
1 Can rotel
1 Block of fat free cream cheese – cut into pieces
1 Can Chicken Broth
Minced Onion and Minced Garlic Seasoning

Tortilla chips to eat with

What to do

Add all of your ingredients to your crockpot with a liner. Cook on high until chicken done (about 3 hours). And you are done! We serve ours with tortilla chips!

Thanks for catching up!

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  1. Tried your recipe and absolutely love it it is one of my husband’s and I favorite things to eat thank you for sharing this recipe 😊❤️

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