It’s TBB asks time! The first Monday of every month I link up and answer one of these themed questionnaires. This one is focused on relationships for the month of love! Happy Monday friends, and enjoy getting to know a little more about me!

I’ll be honest, these questions were probably the toughest I’ve answered on one of these because they are definitely more deep than usual!

My oldest friend: I consider my sister my best friend and she would also be my oldest friend since she has known me since birth 🙂

My support group: This would definitely be my husband and my family! That is who I turn to for support.

My Partner: My husband and I have known each other since I was in 8th grade! We went to rival high schools and had mutual friends… this was back in the Myspace days!

Valentine’s Day in our home: We don’t really have any traditions. Every year is a little different but there is usually food involved and we like to get each other a little something.

What is your love language: My love languages are definitely words of affirmation and acts of service!

Flowers or Chocolates: This one is tough because I love flowers because they are so pretty but they don’t last and I love candy, but chocolate isn’t always my favorite, but at least I can eat it lol.

Most meaningful gift: This one is tough because I have received many meaningful gifts from many people in my life and they are meaningful for all very different reasons. One example that comes to mind is my now-husband surprised me with a nice watch I had my eye on when I landed my first internship. It was very meaningful to me and I was so surprised. I will cherish that watch forever.

Thanks for catching up!

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