Atlanta Weekend 2019

This past weekend, I was in Atlanta again! Miguel had a work thing there (again) so I flew down for the weekend to spend some time with him and explore the city some more! I went last Summer in a similar fashion and loved it!

The trip was off to a less than ideal start when I was delayed for 2.5 hours on my flight down! Like we boarded and were ready to go and a sensor malfunction prevented us from taking off so we sat and waited for it to be resolved. So by the time we left I was already supposed to be there!! It was pretty unfortunate but luckily it was a direct flight for me and I just got in really late. But this means we didn’t get to do anything on Friday and I ate Cheez-its on the plane for dinner!

But Saturday we were up and at ’em early and headed downtown (we stayed in the Bucktown neighborhood) and first grabbed some breakfast at the Atlanta Breakfast Club which is my favorite restaurant I’ve been to in Atlanta (I went last time and loved it) they have great breakfast food and I highly recommend it. It is conveniently located right across the street from the Aquarium so that is where we headed next.

We got there early before it was really crowded which was nice because we basically got to just breeze through all the exhibits without the crowds. It looked like a lot of the “shows” didn’t start until later but we still got to see all the animals.

After that Miguel needed to head back to work a little bit, he is in Atlanta for an expo for his work and they were setting up the booth area before it started. It was a poultry farming expo which explains the decor lol. Who knew there could be huge exhibit rooms filled just with businesses related to the poultry farming business!

The expo center is right next to the CNN Center which has a big food court where we grabbed lunch. After lunch, Miguel headed back to work but I decided to stay and do a CNN studio tour that they offered. It took about an hour of my time but was pretty interesting. You got to see where they recorded some of their news shows and see the News Room where they literally work to collect the news form around the world which I thought was pretty neat. You aren’t allowed to take pictures on most of the tour unfortunately!

After, I grabbed some Starbucks because I was dragging and headed back to see what Miguel was up to. After waiting around for him to finish, we went back to the hotel room to get cleaned up for dinner. We had plans for a date night of just ourselves at a nearby restaurant but Miguel’s boss offered to take everyone out to eat at Maggiano’s. We decided to go to that to hang out with everyone- but I usually don’t like to go to chains while traveling and instead try something local but I made an exception for my love of Maggiano’s!

Sunday we actually got to sleep in and take it slow in the morning. We got ready and I wanted to check out the nearby mall. We went a walked around for a while but didn’t do a whole lot of shopping because this mall was very high-end and very out of my price range lol. I’m talking Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace, Valentino – so many designer stores. So while it was fun to look I did not indulge!

We grabbed a quick snack and drink at near-by Ecco before heading back to the hotel to get all of my things in order and sit down to write this post. Not a super exciting day but I was glad to spend time with Miguel since he had=d to stay down there the rest of the week. I had a 9:30 PM flight out so I got to spend all day in Atlanta but those late flight times on a work-night are rough.

Thanks for reading along to my very short and not super eventful weekend to Atlanta!

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Thanks for catching up!

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