So instead of my normal One Pot Meal Monday post, I decided to write something a little more personal. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I’ve had a little bit of a rough week or so. And when I say rough, I mean everything that could go wrong, went wrong and it was just never ending it seemed.

You all know I also went to Atlanta for the weekend last week but this bad luck streak happened right before then.

First our dryer broke right before Miguel had to leave, we ordered a new part but knew it couldn’t be worked on until Miguel came back ten days later. Then we had a huge ice storm while Miguel was gone – I had to drive in really bad weather which I hate and am so over. But that also meant our driveway and sidewalks were ice covered. Unfortunately, because I was trying to get to work and needing to leave early for a flight I never had time to take care of the ice. So I just left it.

Then at the airport, I end up being 2.5 hours delayed to Atlanta getting there super late and missing dinner. Then when I had to leave Sunday – I was again delayed almost 2 hours and didn’t land till almost Midnight. It had snowed that day so my car was snow covered and I was not properly dressed for the weather. Oh and then, I couldn’t find my parking ticket and had to pay a huge fee to get out. So I went to bed super late and knew I would be cranky the next day.

And then after work Monday another snow storm hit and I had to drive home in terrible weather AGAIN. I was also getting groceries delivered that night and remember all that ice I didn’t take care of? Well now there was a few inches of snow on top. I quickly tried to shovel a path so the driver could even pull into our driveway as the snow kept falling. Once I got inside our furnace made a HORRIBLE noice like it was a dying animal. I called the guy who fixed our heater just a few weeks ago and he said it sounded like our motor was about to go out. But it was night time and a snow storm was happening so he couldn’t fix it till the next day,

So the next day, there’s 8 inches of snow on the ground and I’m still home alone. The guy did thankfully come fix our heater but replacing a motor in furnace is not free by any means. But it was fixed. Things seemed to be on the up turn but the next day I woke up SICK. I had a terrible cold. And work was miserable for the next three days.

But Miguel finally came home. I am feeling better. My dryer is now fixed. I have a husband who can take care of all the snow. My laundry is done and I feel ready for the week. My nose is still a little stuffy but I am better.

I don’t want this to sound like I am just wanting sympathy or attention or people to feel sorry for me. I more want to just give a real life story of how sometimes life can suck. I never want someone to think I try to portray a perfect life here on my blog or Instagram because that is just not the case. We all have bad days (or weeks). The only reason I had blog posts and cute photos last week was because I had done all the work ahead of time. There was no way I would’ve been able to do any of that last week.

If you feel like you are going through a rough patch, it will get better, it may take a while but I promise it will.

Thank you for reading and catching up!

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