For this month’s try-on I decided to head to Target. Here are all the *affordable* goodies I found during this trip to all of our’s favorite place. I buy a lot of clothes on Target- lately I think their products look so much more nice than just Target clothes.

Also – my Target’s dressing rooms got a makeover since the last time I was in them for sure! They are actually pretty cute and nice now. This was a super short shopping trip and try on session but I put together three outfits that are super cute!

Plaid Shirt | Pants

I loved this outfit for work wear. Super comfortable but business casual.

Rain Jacket | Top | Pants

Perfect for spring! I love blush and olive together and this rain jacket is super cute. Comes in multiple colors. Target has great base layers that are super cheap too!

Cheetah Tank | Pink Sweater | Same pants

Can’t go wrong with cheetah and pink! Loved this tank paired with the pink sweater!

Target always surprises me with their clothes. Though I will say that I much prefer shopping online from the comfort of my home rather than going in store but I love actually trying things on to show you too!

Everything I’ve linked is also going to be in the app and in this widget. Thank you so much for purchasing through my links 🙂 I earn a tiny commission but it really keeps me going.

Thanks for catching up!

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