Best Things to Buy at Trader Joe’s

I love Trader Joe’s and every time I go I seem to find another favorite. And people are always giving me recommendations for things. My point is, there are so many great products that I figured I would share my favorites so you all could get some more ideas to add to your TJ’s shopping list. And if you have never been to Trader Joe’s, then here are the things you should check out for sure!

So the closest Trade Joe’s is almost 30 minutes from our house so it isn’t somewhere I get to go often (we probably go every few months). So I try to stock up on the frozen and non perishables when we do go! Good thing is they have an awesome frozen section. I will also note that because of this, I do not get my regular, every day groceries when we go. We get special things that we can only get at Trader Joe’s and save the normal and boring stuff for the weekly grocery order. Also if you’ve never been to TJ’s, most of their items are very reasonably priced which is awesome!

Before we went, I snapped a picture of the things we still had from our last TJs trip. So I didn’t buy these as part of my haul because I didn’t need to, but thought they were still worth mentioning.

Cookie Butter: SO GOOD. I put this on my toast and I’m obsessed. It is the consistency of Peanut Butter but made with cookies. It is not healthy at all but so yummy.

Gone Bananas: We love these as a quick little sweet snack!

Everything But the Bagel Seasoning: Also a real winner. So much this can go on. (Also really good mixed with sour cream as a dip).

Organic Sweet Corn: Best frozen corn around

Chili Lime Chicken Burgers: I love chicken burgers and these are so good and fast to make!

Mango Juice: These were a random purchase but it’s really good!

Brownie Crisp Ice Cream Sandwiches: I haven’t tried these yet because I was saving them lol – but they look amazing.

Another thing that I wanted to mention that I didn’t buy this trip – their cracker selection is on point and so is their meat and cheese section. And it is so much more affordable to buy these here than my regular grocery store and it is all so good!

We also bought a reusable insulated bag for when we shop so we don’t accumulate so many of those paper bags and it’s easier to transport home this way too!

So here’s my haul from this week, there are close up pictures below!

Gnocchi a la Gorgonzola: I am obsessed with this gnocchi it is SO good I buy it every time.

Frozen Brown Rice: These are the best and SO easy to throw in the microwave for my one pot meals.

Frozen Zucchini Spirals: We tried these for the time and I am not a huge zucchini noodle person but they weren’t bad.

ABC Bars: These are so so good too. Almond Butter Cocoa. I should’ve bought more than one box.

Pastry Pups: They are like fancy pigs in a blanket. I haven’t made them yet but have heard great things.

Brownie Crisps: Also obsessed with these. I will eat the whole bag in one sitting. It’s like eating the corner brownie piece in every bite.

Alfredo Sauce: Used this over our zucchini noodles – nothing spectacular.

Apple Juice: Random Miguel pick lol

Individual Guacamole Cups: I’ve heard good things!

Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie: If you buy one thing at Trader Joe’s this should be it. SO GOOD.

Ham and Swiss Croissants: I love making these for a weekend breakfast they are really good.

Maple Ladders: Another random Miguel pick.

Chicken Sausage: I really like their chicken sausages. I’ve had the Italian and the jalapeño.

Mango Sparkling Wine: I buy at least one bottle every time we go. It is the best – tastes like juice.

Green Goddess Salad Dressing: Haven’t tried it yet but I’ve heard good things!

Other things I’ve tried from Trader Joe’s:

PB&J Bars: These are really good little bars too.
So a Pumpkin Walks into a Bar: I really like these in the fall!
Spiced Apple Cider: This is really good too in the Fall.
Ice Cream: Their regular ice cream is really good too!
Cheese Crisp Crackers: These are 100% baked cheese and really good.
Autumn Pasta Sauce: SO good in the fall when they have it!

Frozen Pizza: I think it was okay but I don’t remember the kind we got
Chinese Food: We’ve gotten orange chicken and broccoli and beef and didn’t really like either of them
Cauliflower Gnocchi: I tried this but it wasn’t that good IMO
Sweet Potato Gnocchi: Better than the cauliflower one but not my favorite

There’s still more I want to try! What are your Trader Joe favorites??

Thanks for catching up!

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