Happy Monday! Today I wanted to share a few sales going on right now as well as how I usually do my shopping and find deals/save money.First off, I do most of my shopping online. I think it is easier to control my spending shopping online and I’ll explain below.

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I also do most of my shopping during sales or clearance. (Unless it is something I really want/need and I know it won’t go on sale.) But during sales I stock up. When a sale is going on on a website, I will go through the site and add everything I want to my bag. If I see it and like I will add it. Once I feel like I have gone through everything, I go to my cart and see my total and 9/10 it is WAY more than I can spend. And that’s okay. I’ve narrowed it down to things I like and now I can narrow it down some more. I also like to set a rough budget of what I can spend – that way I know how much I need to cut. I go through my cart and start eliminating things I don’t need or love.

At the end, I feel confident in my choices and know that these are things I really like and not impulse buys (which happens a lot to me when I shop in store). I also know EXACTLY how much I am going to spend when I checkout (again something I don’t always know when shopping in store). I also like to know I am saving and how much I am saving which I like.

Something else I have done is make a list of things I know I need or really want. I keep this list in my phone and then I can look out for sales on those things. This also keeps my priorities in line so I am not spending on things I don’t need.

And how I find a lot of the sales is either through email lists, ads on facebook/instagram and other bloggers sharing! My favorite places for shopping are Old Navy, Loft, Loft Outlet, J Crew Factory, Pink Lilly Boutique, Nordstrom and Target.

I found a few sites with sales going on right now that I thought I would share. Also be sure to check out my Daily Deals page frequently for sales I post there!

Old Navy 35% off

Aerie: 50% Off Swimsuits

LOFT Outlet: 50% Off plus Extra 10% Off

Express: Tops 40% Off

Thanks for catching up!

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