Today I am joining a linkup to “look at” my family. I debated whether or not to share and then debated how much I would share. I choose to share my life online, but the members of my family don’t necessarily choose the same so I do need to respect that privacy. I do believe it is okay to share who is in my family – just not the details of their life. And I hope you all understand that.

I am going to use wedding pictures because those are the best most recent photos I have – and they captured my entire family which is so nice to have. I am so glad we took the time to do family photos (for anyone getting married in the near future). But I digress.

First we will start with the family that lives in my house – me and my husband! You all are familiar with him. We’ve been married since September 2017 but together for over six. Miguel is the hardest worker I know – and he travels a lot for work. He is a field service tech and does repair work on Semi Grain Trailers. His degree was in welding.

I have 3 siblings. I am the second oldest. My sister Laura is 2.5 years older than me, my younger brother Matt is 3 years younger than me and Nick is the youngest and he is 5.5 years younger than me.

My parents are divorced and have been my entire life – so it’s just part of my life. I don’t know any different. Both of my parents remarried so that just meant I had 4 parents love me growing up instead of two (well they still love me but you know what I mean).

Neither of my extended families on my mom or dad’s side is very big. I only have two first cousins! (both on my mom’s side) but that means we are very close which I love. I am also very lucky to have 3 living and healthy grandparents. (My other grandpa unfortunately passed away while I was a baby so I did not get to know him). I have small families but close families which is really really awesome.

Well that’s a look at what MY family looks like – hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for catching up!

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