I like sharing some current sales the other week so I thought I would make it a new series. I love findings deals and most of the things I buy, I buy on sale. I know you all love a good deal too so I hope you guys can find something good in these posts.

Today I am featuring one of my favorite stores, Nordstrom. While Nordstrom is usually considered a more expensive store but if you know how to shop their sales, you can find some really good deals and Nordstrom can be really affordable! And they have more sales than their famous Anniversary sale and end of season sales. You can find good deals everyday!

Here are a few of the cutest things I’ve found on Nordstrom’s website on sale (most for under $30).  I recommend browsing through the rest of their sales too to see if there’s anything you like (there are literally hundreds of pages).

Round 1:

Round 2:

Everything I picked I would buy for myself – I wouldn’t link it or recommend it if I wouldn’t spend my own money on it and that’s my promise. (But I do make a small commission if you purchase something through my links!)

Happy shopping, thanks for catching up!

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