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It’s no secret that we have been going on a ton of weekend trips lately (and we’re not slowing down any time soon). I have recently been buying quite a few thongs on amazon to help make packing and traveling easier (plus I’ve seen so much cool stuff that I have my eye on too) that I thought I needed to make a blog post to share all of these great amazon travel finds! Everything should be prime and super affordable! (And reusable again and again)

One of the first things I ordered was these Packing Cubes because they help keep things organized! I bought a pink set for myself and a grey set for Miguel. On our trip last weekend I just took one suitcase and packed Miguel’s stuff in half of one pack and my stuff in the other half. Then once we go there it was easy to take out and know where everything was. (The little ones are perfect for socks and underwear!)

I also loved these:

Laundry Bag

So when we go on bigger trips, we usually just bring two garbage bags for dirty laundry. But I kind of like the idea of reusable laundry bags and these are too cute! I like to have what needs to be cleaned already separated so when I get home it’s super easy to unpack! Here are some options I found:

Neck Pillow

Miguel and I both got neck pillows last year and we have for sure gotten our use out of them! We decided we needed them after a *very* long overnight flight back from Hawaii last year. We got our at HomeGoods but these are similar:


I have not tried this footrest out BUT I think it’s such a good idea and could be comfortable for long haul flights.

Makeup Case

I just bought this makeup case and it’s perfect for traveling! I also like how I can keep everything organized. I started using this for my everyday makeup.

TSA Approved Clear Bags

I also grabbed these clear TSA approved carry on bags for our upcoming flights. I hate wasting so many plastic baggies so this was a great option!

Fanny Packs

Amazon also had super cheap fanny packs if you are going somewhere and need one! (Like Disney)

You can see some of my other packing tips here and my Kauai Packing tips (which are applicable to a lot of places) here.

Safe travels and thanks for catching up!

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