Happy Wednesday! Today I am linking up to share inside my pantry. Lucky for me, I did an organization overhaul on my pantry last year and it still looks pretty much the same!

My pantry isn’t my dream pantry, and it’s a little awkward since part of the shelves goes back into the wall and isn’t super accessible, but I am happy to have a pretty roomy pantry in my kitchen – because we definitely need the space! The pantry is where we keep all of our non-refrigerated food, paper towels, baking supplies, Stand Mixer, Crockpot and all of our coolers and lunch boxes.

I love organizing in bins to make it easier to find things and also clean things out. I put labels on the front of my bins because it’s cute but to also help Miguel know where things go 😉 It’s easy to put stuff away as well with this system.

I try to clean out my pantry every couple of weeks and through away old things or un-bury some “forgotten” food to make sure it gets eaten.

If you would like to see my entire organization post on my pantry from last year, click here. It goes into more detail and has more pictures!

Thanks for catching up!

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