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Happy Monday!

I had a different idea for this week’s posts but I spent the weekend pretty sick, sore throat, cough headache and overall feeling like I was dying and not being able to talk or breath. So while I was sitting on my couch bingeing Parks and Rec and inhaling Vicks, I had the idea of going through my past posts and seeing which ones were the most popular. So I have compiled a list of my most popular posts in the last couple of years (based on number of page views they have gotten).

I was a little surprised at which posts were the absolute most popular. Although it’s not surprising that these are the most “searchable” ones on Pinterest and Google.

  1. How to Make a Mini Diaper Cake
    Last year I made my own mini diaper cakes for a baby shower and it’s turned out to be m y most popular post ever. And they turned out pretty cute!
  2. How I Trained my Hair to Skip Washes
    I was surprised that this post was so popular, but it was definitely a life changing decision to not wash my hair every day.
  3. Inside my Pantry
    I did an organized pantry post, and then I reposted about it and that second post became the most popular. Oh well – go check it out for a look at my organized pantry!
  4. What to Pack for a Trip to Kauai
    I compiled a list of all the things you need if you are traveling to Kauai, Hawaii – it’s a good list!
  5. Nutty Irishman Drink Recipe
    This drink recipe is so easy and delicious – but also pretty strong.
  6. Creamy Tomato Beef and Shells
    This was one of my first one pot meals, and it’s a good one!
  7. Ravioli Dump and Bake
    One of my favorite one pot meals ever – so easy and so good!

Thanks for catching up!

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