One Pot Meal #58: Crockpot Ham and Potatoes

Hi Friends! Yesterday was Easter and we were super busy this weekend so we were unable to spend time with family and have Easter dinner so I made this last night instead. I call it my lazy Easter dinner. Ham and cheesy potatoes are Easter staples for me so I made it the easiest way I could, throwing pre-packaged goods into a crockpot and letting it cook up for me. If you are craving some good comfort food but don’t want all the work, this is for you.

One Pot Ham and Potatoes in the Crockpot

What you need

One Pound Diced Ham
One Pound Diced Potatoes (I used a Simply Potatoes pre-diced package but frozen diced hash browns also work and will “cook” faster)
8oz Sour Cream
One Can Cream of Chicken Soup
One Cup of Shredded Cheddar
Minced garlic and Black pepper to taste

What to do

Place all ingredients into your slow cooker (not forgetting your liner) and cook on high for around 3 hours until potatoes are all cooked. Stir it up and serve.

Meals just don’t get any easier. This would be good with some green beans or peas on the side (or thrown in) if you want a veggie. Enjoy!

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13 Replies to “One Pot Meal #58: Crockpot Ham and Potatoes

  1. Was the recipe supposed to say three hours on high? After three hours on low, the potatoes (I used the Simply brand) were not anywhere being done.

    1. On high – usually about three hours in my crockpot but I also have them diced very very small!

  2. Quick question….do you add milk or water to the cream of chicken soup ? Or do you leave that out and just use the canned contents only ?

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