Easy Artificial Plant and Planter DIY

So I am the absolute worst when it comes to keeping plants alive. We have lived in our house for three summers now and every plant I’ve gotten has either shriveled up and died or blown over within weeks of me buying it. I love the look of plants on a porch because they feel warm and inviting. But not if they’re dead. Sigh. So I started looking for fake plants I could put on my porch that would die and would be heavy enough to not blow away. This turned out to be a harder task than I thought.

I couldn’t find anything that I wanted so I decided I would just make what I wanted instead. This is not a ground breaking DIY – just a few pieces I put together. But maybe one of you out there is a black thumb like  me and need a little help in the plant department but don’t want to spend a ton on anything you are going to set outside.

I just wanted a basic, black planter and some greens to go in it. I looked to Amazon to fulfill these wants and found just what I was looking for! Here are the things you need for your project:

I didn’t purchase the rocks, I just stole some from our landscaping but just incase you needed some I linked them. All in all this cost me about $20 and five minutes of my time.

Artificial Plant Planter DIY

STEP one

Take planter and fill bottom with rocks to weight it down so it doesn’t blow away.

step two

Insert fake stems into floral styrofoam block.

step three

Place arrangement into planter. I actually moved some rocks out for this and then replaced them back in over top and sides of the block to make it more snug.

Step four

That’s it! Enjoy your new planter! You will be seeing more of this plant in my OOTD pics from here on out!

Look for more front porch updates coming to the blog soon!

Thanks for catching up!

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