I am so glad it’s Friday. I am always ready for the weekend so that’s nothing new! I got my porch looking cute for Summer and I wanted to share the few new pieces I bought this year to spruce things up. It is ALL affordable so if your porch is in need of a little extra something, click the links if anything catches your eye!

I also wanted to mention that my original plan was to paint our front door and then touch up the trim because it is looking rough. I know the pictures don’t look *that* bad but trust me – I am embarrassed at how dingy it looks. Anyways, there’s a few parts that I didn’t think paint would make better so we’ve decided to just buy a new door. We have one picked out and just are waiting on getting it scheduled to get installed. I’m pretty excited about it!

Alright on to the new stuff. You all already know about my fake plant I DIY’d that I love. The tutorial is here and you can find links to all of the pieces I used to put it together (it’s all from amazon). Also from amazon is my wreath. I wanted something simple and green and this was perfect. I also found a super cheap wreath hanger too! My rug is actually from when we moved in 3 years ago but I still love it and it’s still in stock!! It comes in a smaller size as well which I wish I would’ve had because…

I also bought this buffalo plaid rug to layer under my welcome mat but the mat is too darn big that it covers the whole thing! I love the layered look but can’t find anything big enough to go under my jumbo mat. They do have my mat in a slightly smaller size so I’m thinking about buying it. Because I do love my mat.

At the front of our porch is our chairs and table (from Kohl’s) that we’ve had since we moved in. (I’ll also mention that the black tables are from Lowe’s a few years ago as well). We sit on our front porch a lot and watch the sunset over the fields when it’s nice out and it’s one of my favorite things to do so I love having these chairs out here.

The lantern on the tables is from Lowe’s this year and still in stock!

And last but not least I picked up a real plant too, one that is supposed to do good in a lot of sun (which is what our porch gets in the afternoon) so hopefully it can survive the summer! I also got the planter at Lowes too. Both together cost me less than $10 so it was a great deal.

Happy porch sitting season!!

Thanks stopping by and catching up!

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