One Pot Meal #61: Tomato Beef and Rice

I’m almost in disbelief that that number next to my One Pot Meal count is so high. How am I already in the 60’s?? I mean I’ve been blogging these meals for over two years now so that is actually a really long time lol. But I looked at the schedule and I’m on track to hit my 100 by next April! Craziness! I better get to planning out 39 more one pot meals for you all! But until then here is number 61, a super easy skillet meal that throws together some simple ingredients in no time at all.

One Pot Beef, Corn and Rice Skillet

What you need

One Pound Ground Beef
Minced Onion
15oz Can Tomato Sauce (or tomato soup)
15oz Can of Corn
1 Package of Microwaveable Rice (I used Birdseye Frozen Brown Rice)
Splash of Milk (or beef broth or water)
One Cup Shredded Cheese (Whatever you like but I used cheddar)

What to do

Brown beef in a large skillet with the onion and cook your rice according to directions in the microwave. Once the beef is browned add your tomato sauce, corn and rice and stir to combine. This is where I add a splash of whatever liquid you chose just to add to the texture). Then add your shredded cheese and stir until melted. Serve.

That’s it! doesn’t get much easier, friends! Enjoy!

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