How to Organize Bathroom Drawers

For those that don’t know, I love organizing and I love the feeling of having things organized. I have worked to keep spaces in my home organized. Although not all of the spaces look 100% Pinterest Perfect, I still convinced myself that I should share because they are organized but I like to mention that I also keep things functional and realistic. Real life is not every little object perfectly placed in a drawer. It’s just not realistic to think a space you use everyday (like a bathroom or pantry) can look absolutely perfect all the time.

However, I do like things orderly and organized so it does look nice and I can find everything easily and be able to put away easily. That’s where my functional organization method comes in. The basic principle is that I use bins to organize things into categories, but those bins are for everyday functional use and it’s okay if they start looking a little overflowed or messy. When that happens it’s easy to focus on that one bin to tidy up and keep up my organized space. I use this method pretty much every where in my house. Today I will be showcasing my bathroom.

We don’t have a ton of storage space in our master bath. We each get two drawers and one cabinet. Let’s start with my side.

In the top drawer I keep one bin that has all my Night Time Routine products in it. I have things I use at night and things that I use in the morning so that’s why I split it this way. It has my Clarisonic, night face wash, night cream, make up remover, contacts, etc so that when I get ready for bed I just pull this bin out and everything I need is right there. This drawer also where I put q-tips, chargers and some miscellaneous things.

In my bottom drawer I have all of my hot tools and then some extra hair ties and bobby pins in that travel case.

In my cabinet, I have my make up bag that hold my every day makeup, plus 3 bins.

The front bin has my morning routine products that I use to get ready in the morning. And you guessed it, I just take that out and put on the counter and everything I need is right there. This bin can start looking pretty rough from me just throwing things in it but it’s so easy to clean out and make nice again since it’s all condensed.

The bin behind that has is my pamper bin. It has my self tanners, face masks and scrubs that I don’t use on a daily basis.

The long bin on the left is where I keep extras. So extra contacts, extra dry shampoo, that sort of thing.

There is also a small makeup bag of extra makeup hidden in the back that has some makeup I don’t use everyday.

As for Miguel’s side…

This is his top drawer that hold his daily bathroom products (a boy’s routine is so much more simple lol). But a similar set up to my drawers with a bin and Q-tips.

And his bottom drawer is his stash of extras. He’s obsessed with having extra everything because he travels a lot and always wants to be stocked. But as you can see – I used more bins to keep things organized.

Hope you enjoyed looking into our bathroom drawers and found a little inspiration yourself!

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Thanks for catching up!

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