I love having a good selection of workout clothes in my closet. I also for the most part have name brand workout attire. But I also don’t think I have paid full price for ANY of it. I always buy workout clothes on sale. That’s because it doesn’t really go out of style. Those black nike shorts and that pink under armor tank top are going to be basically the same ones that will come out next year, so there’s no reason to pay full retail price for something you are just going to sweat in anyway!!

With a few exceptions, these name brands never get dirt cheap even when on sale but I think high quality athletic wear lasts longer so I like to invest my money in it, but there’s no reason to invest the outrageous full prices. Which is why I am always shopping the sale racks for these types of clothes. Especially sports bras. DO not pay full price for a sports bra. They will always go on sale and they go under your clothes anyway so who cares that it’s from the sale rack!

I want to like my workout clothes and be comfortable in them so I actually wear them so I don’t just buy everything I see because it’s on sale. I still only buy what I need. I try to have enough of everything for a full week, because there are weeks I work out every day. That means I try to have at least 7 pairs of shorts, crop leggings, sports bras and tanks in my rotation (I have a few more in some categories).

Here are some current sale finds for athletic wear. Stop paying full price!!

Other places I enjoy finding great workout clothes sales is Dick’s, Von Maur, Kohl’s Old Navy, Target and Scheel’s.

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