My Ultimate Summer Vacation Packing Checklist

Hi Friends! If you’ve been reading for a while you should know two things about me, one is that we always tend to be on the go, whether for a work trip, weekend trip or vacation, there are a lot of suitcases being packed around here. And second, you know I like making lists. So it should be no surprise that I always have a packing list! Especially for big trips because I don’t want to forget anything. But also, I like to be prepared a head of time and it’s not always practical to actually pack two weeks before a trip, but it is practical to have a list of everything you are going to pack weeks ahead of leaving. That way when it is time to pack, it should be stress free and you can just follow the list. (Even if you are throwing everything in the suitcase the night before – you shouldn’t forget anything).

Also this is great with not overpacking either because you plan out everything you will need ahead of time. Here is the general model I follow when packing for a longer summer vacation. I encourage you to take it and make it your own. I think I should add a printable for this too someday!

Outfits by day (include Shoes)

I like to list out everyday we will be gone (including travel days) and put notes on what we are doing each day so I know how to dress.

Then I list complete outfit needs (including shoes and accessories).

Example: shorts/tank top/flip flops OR dress/wedges

I do this for both Miguel and I so I have everything!

Some days require multiple outfits so I want to be dressed appropriately for each.

Other Clothes

Swimsuit Cover Up
Bras for every outfit
Socks for everyday needed
Extra everyday outfit
Workout clothes
Extra sweater or jacket
Tennis shoes

Accessories and Travel Necessities

Beach towels
Beach bag and cooler
Water Bottle
Power bank and chargers
Neck pillows


After sun lotion
Make up
Hair Tools
Your Everyday Toiletries: I recommend sitting down with a pen and paper and going through your whole bathroom routine (morning and night) and writing down every product that you use, and there’s your packing list! From there decide what you can get travel sizes to save on room.

Hope you found this list helpful

Thanks for catching up!

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