I do a lot of packing. You guys know that because I talk about packing all the time I feel like. This month’s “Let’s Look” topic is about what is inside my suitcase. So let’s look back on all of the posts where I cover what’s been in my suitcase.

I just wrote and posted my Summer Packing List post. This is the ultimate list of what I took on vacation in my suit case. So start there!

I also posted some Packing Tips as well were I talk about how I stay organized and make packing as easy as possible. (I also mention how we have repacked toiletry bags with most of our travel sized toiletries already in there so we can just grab and go! This is really a life saver for frequent travelers).

This Spring I also wrote a Travel Must Haves post where I chat about all of the things you need for smooth traveling. Most things are from amazon!

One of the big things on the list is these Packing Cubes that help us stay so organized once we get to our destination! I make categories so everything is easy to find. This past vacation I split up the big cubes by part 1 and part 2 of the trip. Then the smaller cubes I organized my categories like underwear, swimsuits, socks, etc for easy finding when we were unpacking.

A couple of other things I made sure to pack in my suitcase for vacation that I haven’t shared with you yet were:

These Haviana Flip Flops that I am in love with now. Super comfy for flip flops and were perfect for the beach! I got the rose gold color in a 37/38 and I am usually a size 7.5-8

And also I really had wanted to try Coola suncare products and found this little sample set and I ended up loving it! These “sample” sizes were actually pretty big and came with a face sunscreen, a spray sunscreen, an after sun lotion and lip balm. I think all of the products worked really well and smelled really good and I will definitely be purchasing more Coola in the future. (Both of these things are also free shipping too!)

Thanks for catching up!

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