Disney World Mistakes to Avoid

 If you’ve been around the blog a while, you know I’ve been to Disney quite a few times. You also may know that I am a very serious Disney planner as well. I may take it a little too seriously but if I’m gonna spend my money, I want it to be worth it ya know? So on our most recent trip I started drafting a list of things to do and what not to do to make a trip to Disney the most positive experience. I will say that you don’t have to follow everyone of these things, do what works for you! This is just our list of things we like to keep and mind (and also some new things we learned on our last trip!)

-Don’t forget to check the park opening times the night before you are going. Sometimes they change them so if you write down the park hours weeks in advance, it’s possible they changed!

-Don’t forget to plan extra buffer time to get to parks! Things will always take longer than you think. Be ready early and have lots of buffer time!

-And don’t forget to get to plan on getting to the park before it opens to beat the crowds!

-Don’t skip out on the dining plan if you plan to go to expensive restaurants! It saved us money in the end! BUT the deluxe dining plan was wayyy too much food and the regular dining plan would’ve been sufficient (and cheaper).

-Which brings me to my next point, don’t over eat! Going on rides on a full stomach is not ideal.

-Related to that, we don’t think sit down breakfasts were worth it. They’re expensive and we aren’t big morning eaters. Save your money/credits for a big dinner!

-Visit during cooler months… while you can still enjoy yourself with temps in the 90-100° range, it’s more enjoyable when it’s a little cooler

-Do not stay at resorts with too many bus stops. Pop Century and Art of Animation each have their own buses and only one stop for example and it’s a lifesaver for getting to/from the parks. Caribbean beach has like 6 stops around the resort.

-Don’t save your snack credits, use them as you want them because otherwise your left trying to buy 4 snacks in the last few hours.

-Don’t bring a white bag… it will get very dirty! Lol

-Don’t forget to plan a rest day or afternoon at the pool. (Your feet will thank you)

-Don’t stay in multiple hotels, having to transfer to the airport the last day was nice the next morning but we really wanted to stay at the Disney hotel longer.

-Don’t forget to use magical express- it’s included!

-Don’t wait till the last minute for photos, plan photo ops in better earlier in the day when your looking “fresh”.

-Don’t make fast passes for the first slots otherwise once your fast passes are used, all the lines will be long! Make fast passs for mid day for rides with long waits. Then hit the rides you couldn’t get fast pass for first thing when lines are shortest. This tip is so important for being efficient and avoiding lines!

-Make lists of your “must rides” and prioritize that list so you don’t run out of time before getting on something you really wanted to do!

-If you see something you like just buy it because you might not did it again!

-Don’t try to do multiple parks in one day- I’ve done it and it’s much better to not have to rush!

I hope these tips helped for all you Disney goers out there!!

Thanks for catching up!

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