Mid Year Book Review

I can’t believe it’s already time for my mid-year book review! I started doing mid-year reviews to recap everything I’ve read in the last 6 months instead of monthly because I just wasn’t reading that much on a per month basis. My goal was to read more than I did last year (which was 24 books) I’m not really on track to beat that this year, with only 7 books so far, but that’s okay! I’ve just been more busy this year and haven’t been able to read as much. I’m still proud of what I did finish and I really love finding time to read, I encourage you to find time as well!

I will say I really love my kindle and being able to bring it everywhere and have all of my books right there. Also I like being able to read from it outside and in the dark!

So here are my books so far in 2019:

Winter Solstice
This is the last book in the Winter Street series. It was by far the best one! It had me crying at the end. I really was emotionally invested in this family and I recommend that you pick up the first book and read this series. The first two are pretty Christmas-y but the last two aren’t really.

Whiskey in a Teacup
I loved reading this book by Reese Witherspoon! It’s a quick and fun read and just all about being southern.

Where the Crawdads Sing
This book is super popular so I knew I had to read it. It wasn’t my favorite book while reading it but the end is so worth it and I really didn’t see it coming!

Play Dead
This was a free kindle book I got so nothingnesses something I would normally pick but it was a detective/crime/mystery book that was pretty good (and I didn’t see the end coming).

To Pixar and Beyond
I actually ended up loving this book! It’s the story of Pixar and Toy Story and how it all came to be. As someone who is a big fan of Disney, works in software and is interested in how business works this was a super interesting read for me. I recommend it if these things interest you as well! I learned so much about Pixar.

This was another highly recommended book. It’s a memoir and the author had a very interesting and unique upbringing to say the least. It’s kind of heartbreaking really but her story is really captivating and kind of amazing what she overcomes.

10 Beach Road
This ons is just a fun beach and summer read! It’s the first of of a series and I highly recommend if you need a light read this summer. I will definitely be picking up the others in the series.

You can see all of my books I’ve read since starting the blog here.

Thanks for catching up!

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