Disney World Tips Part 3: Your Questions Answered!

I asked for your guys’ Disney Questions on here and on Instagram stories and you guys delivered! I am so happy to answer your specific questions, if you have more let me know!

What is the best park for adults?
In my honest opinion – all of them! lol But I think Epcot is considered more “adult” because walking through the countries eating and drinking I think is more enjoyable for adults and their tend to be more adults around as well. I think adults can have fun in ALL of the parks though!

Have you ever done any tours at Disney?
I’ve never done any of their tours before but they sound cool!

Did you pre-plan what you would be eating everyday?
Yes we did! I had all of the restaurants reserved prior to arriving. I also looked at all the menus (see question below) and kind of had an idea what I wanted to order before I got there lol.

Did you take any photos of the menus, etc?
I did not take any photos of the menus, BUT you can find the menus for ALL of the restaurants on the Disney app! It’s free in the App Store and even if you are just interested in going to Disney Iw oddly recommend downloading it, they list all of their restaurants with menus and prices! Or you can find the menus on the Disney website in a browser as well. Looking at menus is how I decided where we wanted to eat!

Can you give a blog recap of the hotel if you go back again?
I think this question is in relation to the Pop Century resort we stayed at. We really enjoyed this resort for a few reasons! All of the rooms were recently redone and so everything is new! But it is still a “value” resort so you can stay for cheaper than a lot of other Disney hotels. I liked the bathroom finishings and how the floors where wood. The bed was comfortable and the TV was huge! Also the second bed was a Murphy bed so if you didn’t need it, there was a lot more space which was perfect for us. We stayed in the 50’s section which was nice because it had it’s own pool (there are 3 pools at this resort) and since it wasn’t the main pool, it wasn’t crowded at all! The food court at the hotel was also nice. And finally, this resort doesn’t share bus stops with any other resort so you can get to and from the parks with no extra waiting! I highly recommend the Pop Century.

I am always happy to answer any Disney planning questions or give my advice/opinions on what you should do if you are wanting to plan a trip!

Thanks for catching up!

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