Nashville Recap

We spent this past weekend in Nashville for the first time! I’m going to recap our time there now. I will preface with saying we were pretty low-key and boring. We were just there by ourselves and this was purely a vacation so we didn’t get too wild. I can see how this town would make for a perfect destination for a girls trip though! Anyway, let’s get started.


Friday we were up bright and early to hit the road for the eight hours drive. Which wasn’t that bad really, but of course I say that from the viewpoint of the napping passenger lol. We only stopped briefly to eat/fill up so we could get there early. We checked into the hotel (we stayed at the Holiday Inn Downtown Convention Center which was within walking distance to so much! It is also a brand new hotel so everything was pretty nice.)

We relaxed for a bit before heading out to dinner at the Diner. I saw this place online and thought it looked cool because it is 6 floors and each floor is different. The windows were open and it wasn’t crowded in our floor and the food was good.


Saturday we had tickets to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum (Just a block from our hotel). First we grabbed breakfast across the street at Corner Bakery then walked over. I was pretty excited to see this and it was just okay to me. It focused a lot on older country (which is understandable) but I couldn’t really connect I felt. They have a few “bigger” exhibits but I wasn’t a big fan of any of those and the rest was basically just memorabilia from country artists which was cool but I didn’t feel like I learned anything. We maybe should have gotten the audio tour instead of just the entrance ticket?? I’m glad I did it but I don’t need to go back.

After the museum we headed back to the hotel and chilled at the pool for the afternoon. We ate lunch poolside with stuff from the hotel bar. The pool was pretty small but luckily not too busy and we were glad there was an outdoor pool because it was super hot and humid the whole time we were there! It was nice to be lazy.

For dinner, we ventured to Broadway (where all of the bars are) and chose Jason Aldean’s Kitchen and Rooftop Bar. We checked out the rooftop bar while we waited for our table downstairs. I thought this was a super cool place! I ordered the meatloaf because I had heard good things and it was SO good! Best meatloaf I’ve ever had. We took a walk to the pedestrian bridge and then headed back.


On Sunday we drove over to the 12 South neighborhood which is what I was most excited for! This is where the I Believe in Nashville Mural is so we grabbed a quick pic here before heading into Draper James. I purchased the cutest little dress. I love that they have sweet tea for all of the shoppers.

We also stopped by Five Daughters Bakery, Amelia’s flower truck and BarTaco for lunch! This neighborhood was for sure my favorite and it was too cute!

That afternoon we headed back to the pool, which we had to ourselves for a while and just relaxed. Then we headed to Martin’s BBQ for dinner. It was literally right across the street from our hotel and the whole time we were there there was a huge line out the door so we knew it had to be good! Miguel loved it and wanted to eat there again! lol It was really good and had some of the best customer service I’ve seen. Highly recommend! Then we watched USA/Mexico soccer game in our room and went to bed. Monday it was up bright and early again to drive back home.

That was our short trip to Nashville! It was good to relax, see some new things, finish a book and listen to a ton of podcasts.

Thanks for catching up!

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