The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access started today and since I have a Nordstrom Card I put in my first order! I’ve been shopping the Nordstrom anniversary sale since high school (there is way more hype now then there was then pre-Instagram) Today I’m going to share a widget of what I ordered and then I plan on updating this post with photos of me in the clothes once I get them in.

If you have a Nordstrom Card I recommend shopping now before things sell out! If you don’t have a Nordstrom car, the sale opens to the public on the 19th (next Friday) and you will be able to see all of my picks and what I ended up keeping by then!

If you are interested in a Nordstrom Card so that you can shop the sale early, I actually applied for my Nordstrom Card during the sale two years ago. I obviously did not receive my card before I needed it since the sale already started but since I applied with my Nordstrom account, it was all lined up and they “knew” I had a card so I was able to check out. You should be able to do something similar. I only recommend the card if you are in a good place with your credit are able to apply without damaging your score and can pay off your balance right away! I only spend what I have in the bank – I just use the card for the early access but I pay it off right away 🙂

Any way, on to my sale picks! I’m including things that I purchased new for this year as well as things that I already own and love (mostly things I’ve bought from previous anniversary sales and still love!!) And things I want, but just didn’t make it in the budget this year (but are on the list for sure).






If you don’t have a card, don’t stress, I shopped the sale public access three years ago and was still able to come out with some good deals! Also it would mean a lot to me if you shopped through my links if you are going to buy something I recommend, it helps support my little blog. Happy shopping!

Thanks for catching up!

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