Happy Prime Day!! I wanted to share the things I can’t live without while they’re on sale so you can snag them too! The following Amazon products are things we use DAILY and absolutely love and recommend. Now is the time to purchase as they will never be cheaper!! Most of these are past amazon prime/ Black Friday purchases for me- but I hear prime day is cheaper than Black Friday so don’t wait!


Echo Dot – We have two echo dots (one on our bedroom and one in the living room) and we lose them! We use them to turn our lamps on and off, control our thermostat and play music! This price can not be beat!!

Blink Camera– I cant recommend the blink cameras enough!! Wireless and easy setup plus free cloud storage and app on your phone!

Kindle- I love having my kindle because it makes reading on the go so much easier. I can also read in the sunlight and at nighttime after Miguel goes to bed.

Roomba- I love my little housekeeper that vacuums for me while I can get something else done.

Fire Stick– fire sticks are so nice for watching tv and apps and so easy to move around between TVs too!

AirPods- can’t believe these are in sale! I just got a pair and am obsessed with them!!

St Tropez Tanner– My favorite self tanner and the only one I use. Definitely need to use a nit to apply though!

Thanks for catching up!

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