Happy Friday! I have a few favorites for you today! But before we get started I wanted to mention that my comments on my blog haven’t been working for a few months and I finally got that fixed so you should be able to comment! If you’ve tried commenting in the past few months and it didn’t work I apologize!! It should be working now and I love when my readers comment so feel free to post your thoughts on any of my posts. Anyway, on to my favorites of the week.

I ordered this romper off of Amazon – it is Prime and only $20 dollars. It’s super cute to dress up or down and we still have a ton of Summer left so don’t be afraid of buying rompers!

How cute is this garden flag?? I ordered it off of amazon and it was such a good price! and personalized!! I love it.

I mentioned this before but we got our new door in finally and I am in love!! We were in desperate need of an upgrade and I am obsessed with the craftsman style!

I just got AirPods and am sooo glad that I did! This was something I was saving for but I definitely recommend that you put them on your wishlist because they are so convenient to be cords free! I can listen while I clean and do tasks around the house without having to carry my big ol’ phone around. (looks like they are still on sale on Amazon)

Nordstrom Sale Picks – Public access starts today and you can see all of my picks here! I am slowly starting to get my order in but the bulk of my order won’t be here until this afternoon. I plan on doing an updated post with a try on session of everything but this is what I have so far and my post from last week has everything I ordered. There are still things in stock so go check it out and keep checking for things to come back!!

Pink Sweater (softest thing ever) | Black Leggings
Button down top
Grey Sweater | Crop Leggings (my most recommended product!! This is my third pair) 

Thanks for catching up! Have a great weekend! We’re off to Chicago to help my grandparents move!

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