I don’t generally sit around and watch TV (and I rarely watch live TV unless it’s sports) but I do LOVE watching (and bingeing) shows on Netflix! I watch Netflix every morning while I’m in the bathroom getting ready for work (because yes we have a TV in the bathroom) and I also watch on my iPad while I’m on the treadmill and then if Miguel’s gone I will usually watch something as well just to have some noise.

Now that you know when I watch now let’s look at what I watch. I wanted to just list the shows I’ve watched/binged on Netflix (IE watched seasons straight through). This is obviously not every TV show I’ve ever watched in my life but these are the ones on Netflix that I thought were worth bingeing (and have binged since having Netflix)!

I’ve split them into two categories, the shows that are complete and no longer producing more and those that are still actively releasing more seasons.

“Finished” TV Shows

Friends – The classic
The Office – The other classic
Parks and Rec – I’ve watched this one twice through, it’s probably my one of my favorite shows!
That 70s Show- currently watching now!!
Santa Clarita Diet – my absolute favorite and I’m so sad they cancelled it!!
Gossip Girl – I was pretty obsessed when I watched this but I’m not sure I would watch it again

“Still Going” TV Shows

The Crown – I have been not so patiently waiting for the new season – this has made me obsessed with the royal family.
Shameless – Miguel and I watch this one and it makes me actually laugh out loud
Ozark – This one is one that I can’t stop watching because you need to know what happens
Fuller House – This one is just cute
Working Moms – I had to warm up to this one, I’ve only watched the first season though so I’m still undecided on it
Queer Eye – pretty much cry every episode, such an awesome show!
Marvelous Mrs Maisel – this one is actually on Prime but it is SO GOOD
The Ranch – another one I watch with Miguel, if you like That 70s Show it’s hard not to like this
Tidying Up with Marie Kondo – I love organizing but these people’s houses stressed me out lol
You – I was obsessed with the first season of this and can’t wait for more!

I might be forgetting some but what else should I add to my list?? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for catching up!

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  1. Todd and I just started Grey’s and it’s such an intimidating show because of the length! But I’m loving it already!

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