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My least favorite chore/cleaning I have to do is by far cleaning the bathrooms. When I clean I like to scrub every nook and cranny and make sure it’s really clean and that’s a lot of work. But it’s something that has to be done – so I can’t really avoid it or put it off. That doesn’t mean I necessarily want to do it. It’s hard for me to get motivated to convince myself to do it, even when it’s bathroom cleaning day. So in order to try and motivate myself to get the bathroom cleaned, I need to make it as easy as it possibly can so I can get it done and over with as quickly as possible.

I should mention that we have 2.5 bathrooms in our house, two are upstairs and the half bath is down stairs. None of them get cleaned on the same day (because that would be torture) but the bathroom that’s the worst to clean is the master, because it’s the biggest and gets used the most.    Now because the two full bathrooms are upstairs, and most of my cleaning supplies are kept on the first floor in the kitchen or laundry room, I really was annoyed with having to collect alll of the cleaning supplies I needed from downstairs and carry them upstairs, do the actual cleaning and then carry alll of the supplies back downstairs to put away.

I decided the easiest thing to do would to make a cleaning basket full of all of the supplies I needed to clean the bathrooms. Something I could keep upstairs in the linen closet and pull out when I needed it. The linen closet is upstairs close the the bathrooms so it’s super convenient. But if you don’t have a closet, a small tote could definitely be stored in a bathrooms cabinet as well.

All I had to do was grab the cleaning supplies I was lugging upstairs, use one of the totes I bought for my linen closet makeover and I had my cleaning basket done. I also keep a swiller upstairs in that closet too so that it’s always there (I also keep swiller pads in my tote too). Side note: I use a Bona downstairs on my wood floors and a swifter upstairs).

I get this only works if your house has multiple stories, but trust me, if you live in a multi level home with bathrooms on each floor – putting bathroom cleaning totes on each floor is a life saver! (I don’t have another tote on the first floor but since I keep the rest of my cleaning supplies down there I have plenty to clean the powder room since there isn’t a bath or shower in it).

What’s included in my tote: Rags, Sponges, Spray cleaner, toilet cleaner, Windex and wet and dry swiller pads.

I hope you can use this little hack in your life! Thanks for catching up!

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