Today’s post was supposed to be something else, but I didn’t get what I had scheduled to get do finished and I don’t want to post something that is low quality because I rushed it. I want what I publish on this blog to be helpful, useful and inspiring to you- not something thrown together at the last minute (even though that’s basically what this is). These are just some thoughts I’m having lately on blogging and Instagramming.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I’ve been very quiet over there lately. This wasn’t a planned absence. But I stopped making Instagram a priority (in order to make other things in life a priority). Posting on Instagram turned into a job for me instead of a quick snap and post. Taking the right photo, editing it, making sure it fit in my feed, coming up with a caption and hashtags, interacting and replying to comments. Those things take time and I just haven’t been able to justify it lately. I’ve instead been enjoying real life and interacting with people in person rather than on social media. (And working on our house projects that have taken over every weekend).

I also feel like I’ve lost some motivation, inspiration and drive for both my blog and Instagram. I’m hoping that is just because we are in the awkward “end of season” where it’s too early to talk Fall but I feel like talking about Summer topics is a little too late now. I am hoping this changes in the coming weeks once September starts. The Instagram Algorithm doesn’t help either, it can be pretty discouraging to post a photo I’m proud of and only 10% of my followers even SEE it.

I want my blog and Instagram to be more connected and in sync. I feel like they are too different spaces right now. That said, my blog is the only thing that I own and the only thing I can control, so if you subscribe to my blog (or are a daily reader) I thank you!! Subscribing to my news letter is the ONLY way to make sure you always know when I have a new post (MWF) – because any other platform could be gone tomorrow! This is the space that I am proud of and want to build up. I didn’t start Catching up with Claire to be an Instagram Influencer, I started it to be a BLOGGER. I always want my blog to come before Instagram. But I also want to use Instagram to help people discover my blog – so my goal is to get back on the train soon (starting today).

Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts/pep talk to myself. Don’t worry, Catching up with Claire isn’t going anywhere, this time in my life just made me step back and think about what I want for this space. And since this space wouldn’t be possible with out you, my readers, I wanted you to be in the know of my feelings.

As always, thanks for catching up and have a great weekend.

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  1. Claire, I have to agree with Holley I love your honesty and your willingness to be open about your struggles with social media. I wish other bloggers would go back to where it all started (writing) and take a step away from the time suck that is instagram. I feel like with blogging everyone could have their own brand and personality but with instagram everyone seems to be the same (if that makes sense?!?). Please keep blogging and I will definitely keep reading! 🙂

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