A couple of weeks ago, I celebrated 3 years of Catching up with Claire. (Yes, I’ve been posting blogs for three years now! Crazy!) And about a year ago, I posted a survey for you, my readers, to take so I could get to know you more, figure out what you liked and see how I can make my blog even better for you!

I really enjoyed reading the responses last year and I decided to make this a yearly thing. There are a lot of new faces around here and sometimes you change so it’s good to gauge every year where my readers are at! So even if you filled it out last year, please fill it out again. This is 100% completely anonymous and I will have no idea who filled out which answers so feel free to be completely honest.

The goal of this is so I can keep bringing you the content you want to see or not focus so much on things that aren’t your favorite. It should take you less than 5 minutes and I really appreciate it! Thank you for following along for 3 years now!!



Thanks for catching up!

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