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I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and I spend a lot of time talking about cooking on this blog, so I figured it was time that I shared some of my absolute favorite kitchen products. The ones I use attest every week, and usually multiple times a week. I think I am going to split this into at least two points. I don’t want it to be overwhelming. So I went through and took pictures of the first few things I saw, and those are the ones I am going to share!

Everything was either a gift (wedding or Christmas) or bought with wedding money (two years ago!!) and I still love it all and it’s all still in great shape. So nothing is “cheap” per se, but it’s all worth it for someone like me who uses their kitchen tools a ton. Let’s get started!

My Calphalon Set (not all pictured) and Calphalon Saute Pan are for sure the most used items in my kitchen. These pots are pans are amazing. They are cheaper than “regular” Calphalon but they are still so good! I picked the set I did because there wasn’t a set that included the 3qt sauté pan which is a must for my one pot meals!

I love these Collapsable Colanders (here and here) because they take up almost no room to store which I am all about.

I love my little Knife Set too! Pricey but such good quality.

I use this Mixing Bowl Set to prep dinner, dips, desserts, Pretty much everything!

And you all already know how I feel about my Crockpot! It’s my favorite appliance ever. This baby is used at least once a week around here because it makes dinner so so easy. Especially if you use crockpot liners!

Well that’s it on this edition of Kitchen Favorites, I already have a list of more Kitchen stuff I will be sharing soon!

Thanks for catching up!

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