13 Songs For Your Halloween Playlist

Halloween is next week! Eek! I am so excited. Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays and I like to get in the mood by playing my Halloween playlist of repeat. One of my favorite memories of growing up is having Halloween “dance parties” with my siblings and Mom to the Halloween CD we had. It was always my favorite because I loved the classic Halloween party songs. Last year, I shared my 13 Halloween Movies and this year I thought I would share my 13 favorite Halloween songs. This is literally my playlist. So if you need ideas for your Halloween playlist (or you need to create one) these are perfect.

Side note – I used amazon prime music to create my playlist because it is easily connected to my phone and Echo.

Halloween playlist songs


Monster Mash – The ultimate Halloween song to really get you in the spirit.

Thriller – A seasonal staple.

This is Halloween – From the movie A Nightmare Before Christmas and another favorite!

Grim Grinning Ghosts – The song from the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney!

The TIme Warp– The favorite of child-Claire to dance to haha.

Theme from Halloween – Halloween is pretty much the only “horror” movie I will watch and this song will give you the creeps.

Beetlejuice Main Theme – Another great theme song that is perfect for your playlist.

I Put a Spell on You (Hocus Pocus) – There are multiple versions of this song but I like the one Winifred Sanderson sings in Hocus Pocus so that’s the version I have on my playlist 🙂

Superstition – Another song that had a couple of versions, I personally like the one Chris Blue sang on The Voice

Jack’s Lament – Another one from A nightmare Before Christmas that I really like.

Theme from The Addams Family – A staple Halloween movie and a catchy theme song.

Ghostbusters – I think every Halloween playlist probably has this one!

Purple People Eater – I love the purple people eater song!

What other Halloween songs do you love? Should I add to my list?? Although then I wouldn’t be at the perfect “13” so I’m not sure there’s room for more 🙂

Happy Halloween and thanks for catching up!

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