Weekending: Carrie Underwood Concert and Fall

Happy Monday!

This past weekend I got to check someone off of my concert bucket list: Carrie Underwood! I don’t go to many concerts, and if I do, they have to be someone I love and that I know I will like.enjoy all of the songs they play. Carrie is on the list because I love her music and she is amazing. So when I saw that she was going on tour again (way back in the Spring) and coming to Iowa, I bought tickets instantly.

She did not disappoint! I think she has the best voice I’ve heard live ever. Her show was super entertaining. Her costumes were beautiful. So glad we went.

I didn’t get a ton of pictures but here were a few selfies and some really bad pictures of Carrie (I know they would be bad – I just wanted to remember how close we were!)

When we got back from Des Moines, I realized it was going to be the last nice Fall day (50s and sunny) before the weather forecast said by Tuesday it wouldn’t get above 40 probably until Spring. Boo. So we went out to the state park to enjoy the pretty scenery and take a few pictures in the leaves.

Iowa is so so beautiful but especially in the Fall!

Thanks for catching up!

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