Halloween Recap

It’s already November 4th but I wanted to share a little of our Halloween (and there was no way I was getting this put together last Thursday in time for Friday so here we are lol).

I’ve mentioned here before but Miguel and I always dress up for Halloween. We’ve never missed a year together, and we always are coordinated! We both also love handing out candy, so even if we don’t leave the house on Halloween (we never do) we still dress up just because we can! And it is so fun!

I would like to mention that last week it snowed twice! Which I never remember getting this much snow ever in October and it kind of put a bummer on the Holiday – so so cold with snow on the ground! I snapped this picture I was leaving for work on Halloween. It looked like Christmas!


The snow made it so Miguel could not put out his normal spider webs and spiders in the bushes so he had to do without. But most of the snow melted by trick-or-treat time. But the sun shining kind of messed up our porch pictures. Here’s the best we could get. We decided to be pirates this year!


But we spent the night with a couple of friends, watching Hocus Pocus and Halloween and handing out candy, eating snacks and my other Halloween tradition of Chili! We didn’t get near as many trick or treaters as we have gotten in years past but still a pretty good turn out. Now just to keep myself from eating ALL the left over candy.


Thanks for catching up!

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