Reader Survey Results 2019

If you filled out my reader survey this year THANK YOU. (If you’d still like to fill it out, I will keep it open for a few more days in case you missed it earlier you can find it in this blog post). I was happy to see more people filled out this year than last year, which is a great sign! I really like to learn more about the demographics of my readers, what you like to read, and what makes you choose to read my blog!

I’m going to go through the results a little bit and see what you guys had to say. Obviously not everyone that reads my blog filled this out, but I hope this is a good sampling of the majority of my readers!

Almost 60% of you read on a regular basis – no one that filled out the survey was a newbie.

The majority of you follow me on Instagram. And quite a few of you follow me on Bloglovin and that’s where you see my new posts (Which is where I read all of the blogs I like too!) I would love more followers on Facebook and Pinterest! But not too many surprises in this category.

Most of you live in the US and over half of you call the Midwest home as well. The Majority of you are 18-3, 75% of you are in a committed relationship and 1/3 have children living at home with you, also most of you do not blog.

The most popular post categories are as follows:

  1. Life/Family Updates (why I started the blog)
  2. Home Decor/Organization
  3. Holidays
  4. Travel
  5. Fashion
  6. One Pot Meals
  7. Beauty (probably what I blog the least of)

But all categories had multiple votes so I call that a win!

Your support means the world to me and 40% of you have boughten something I have recommended (awesome!!) and 30% of you have recommended my blog to someone else (thank you!!).

I had a few recommendations for blogs posts:

  • Day in the life (multiple requests for this one and day to day life! I will try but I am kind of boring lol)
  • Travel: General Travel, planning travel for year (I LOVE travel so yes!)
  • How I do my every day budget (love this one! budgeting is a huge part of my life but I’ve never blogged about it!)
  • More recipes (I am working my way to 100 One Pot Meals and then after that I have more recipes I want to do as well!!)

I also had the comment that a reader liked my fashion posts but didn’t necessarily buy anything just because of budget reasons. Which I get!! And that is why I started the new series of one item multiple ways so you can get ideas for the clothes you already have! I also like this comment because I want to incorporate more ideas/suggestions/tips on my blog that don’t require you to by something 🙂

I also had a reader mention Feedly which I have never used and didn’t really know what it was. I have put it on my to do list to figure out how to make my blog available in the reader so if you read through Feedly, be on the lookout for an update for that!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a reader here on my blog. I am blown away at how much my readership has grown in the last three years and that so many people care about what I have to say.

Thanks for catching up!

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  1. I love that you do this Reader Survey and I love that you take the time to take your readers input and then give a report out on our thoughts! 🙂
    I look forward to seeing the changes!!

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