Christmas Card Tips

This will be my third year sending out Christmas cards, it’s something I love to do. But probably because I get it all done in November! It’s so much better to get them done early and out of the way. Here’s my tips so you can too!

Our Christmas Card Picture from Last Year:

#1 Start planning early so you can take your photo before it gets too cold out. Since we take our own photo, I start watching the weather forecast closely and once I see a decent day in the first couple of weeks in November, I decide on when we will take it.

#2 Search Pinterest for outfit and background ideas. This is where I get a ton of inspiration for our cards.

#3 Use a tripod and self-timer or remote to take your photo. We don’t spend money on a professional photo for our Christmas Card. We have a tripod and a remote (or self timer) and just take it ourselves!

#4 Outdoor lighting on an overcast day will produce the best results! Just find a wooded area and you are set.

#5 Don’t wait to upload and pick out a Christmas Card design – They usually take at least a week to get in.

#6 My favorite place to order is Shutterfly, but there are plenty of great places. Shutterfly always has promo codes and sales. I never order unless there is a sale! (50% off, free shipping, etc). You can scan the internet for the best price too, you don’t need the fanciest card or paper.

#7 I always order return label stickers too because they will save your hand while addressing! You’ll thank me later.

#8 Make sure you have all of your addresses for people you want to send to while you wait for cards to come in. I keep ours in a google sheet so we have them already. Also go pick up stamps are the post office.

#9 Try to address and stuff all cards before Thanksgiving (or Thanksgiving weekend). Then you can send out the cards on Black Friday and everyone will receive them right at the start of the season and you can sit back and relax!

That’s what I’ve learned in three years of taking Christmas Cards. I make it as stress free as possible! It makes me happy to send one out every year, and who doesn’t love getting a Christmas card? There’s still time to get all of this done before December too! (If you get pressed for time you can always use a picture from the year as well, if it’s a picture you like that showcases your family – go for it!)

Thanks for catching up!

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