Thanksgiving Outfits

I know everyone on the Internet is in full on Christmas mode already but I’m still in Thanksgiving mode over here. I mean I have bought Christmas things and I am thinking about Christmas (see Friday’s post) But there are no Christmas trees up at my house yet! Mostly because I am hosting Thanksgiving and I refuse to have a Christmas tree up for Thanksgiving dinner but that’s just me.

Anyways, I thought I would share a few outfits for Thanksgiving including what I plan to wear! Everything will be from Target and Amazon so you should be able to get them in time before Thursday! And of course these are things you could wear all season long!

Here is what I plan to wear! I love the oversized chunky sweater look and I kind of loved that this one was quarter length sleeved since I will be entertaining, I won’t have to worry about pushing up my sleeves to cook and serve. Something to keep in mind if you are also entertaining! Leggings are a must for me on Thanksgiving so there is plenty of stretch for all that food! I won’t wear them in the house on Thursday but I love these boots with this outfit.

Here are a few other sweater options for your Holiday party needs!

Thanks for catching up!

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