Year in Review: 2019

Happy New year, friends! I know, I know, I went MIA at the end of the year (and into the new year) on the blog and Instagram. It was just not a priority for me recently and other things in my life needed to come first. It was a break I really needed. We can get more into that later but for now, I still wanted to recap our past year. I enjoy having a document of everything we did in one place with pictures. It is awesome to look back at these memories which is why I share!

Also, my plan is to switch to a Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule instead of a MWF schedule this year!!


January was full of cold cold weather and tons of snow! It was one the worst winters I have seen.

We stayed inside a lot and Miguel finally bought his own snowboard.



February brought a trip to Atlanta for a work Expo for Miguel where we went to the Aquarium, went shopping and ate!

It was also Valentine’s month.

And Miguel turned 26!


In March, we spent a weekend downtown Chicago, and had fun eating at XOCO, Three Dots and a Dash, RPM Italian and The Hampton Social.

We also headed to Indiana this month to celebrate my cousin at her bridal shower!

We finished off the month with a wedding at Cedar Ridge.


April kicked off with a trip to Disney World for Alexa’s bachelorette (and Miguel went to Colorado that weekend)

There were two birthdays to celebrate as well! (Our niece and nephew)

April ended with a storm that caused some major hail damage to our roof and siding. (It only took us until December to get it all fixed finally!)


We had a beautiful start to May with good weather. (Although it did get pretty chilly for this time of year)

But then we had out big vacation for the year and spent a week in Florida! Th first half we were in Sarasota

And the second half we were in Disney World.

It was Miguel’s first time and we had a blast.


In June we headed back to Indiana to celebrate Alexa and Josh’s wedding!

The next weekend we had a surprise party for my Dad’s 60th birthday.

And then we attended our second wedding of the month for Katelyn and Zach!


In July, we headed to Nashville for the first time. It was so dang hot but we had fun seeing a new city, eating barbecue and visiting 12 South!

We also got a new front door in July and I’m still in love.


August was our recovery month apparently because I have no fun pictures! lol I remember we didn’t have much on the calendar this month and it was much needed after being on the go for the previous 6 months.


We picked right back up in September though and kicked the month off with Beer Olympics with our neighbors. (Lot’s of fun backyard games).

And then we crossed an item off of our bucket list and headed to Minneapolis to attend our first NFL game. Falcons vs Vikings. It was such a cool experience.

Later in the month, my Dad and Step Mom visited and we had a fun day in the Amanas.

Also can’t forget my Fall decor that came out this month too!

Then at the end of the month, we headed to Las Vegas to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary! It was my first time there and I actually really enjoyed it. The weather was amazing (like I can’t get over how perfect it was) and all of the food/service we had was outstanding. We also came out on top from the casino!


Then it was October! Pumpkin month!

I attended my first cookie decorating class that was a lot of fun. (I need to practice my skills though).

I tried to soak up the spooky season and watch Hocus Pocus as much as I could.

And then we headed to Des Moines to see Carrie Underwood in concert. She was amazing and it was another one to cross off my concert bucket list!

To end the month, we drove out to see the leaves one last time before the snow came (yes it snowed the week of Halloween!!)

But we still dressed up and handed out candy!


November was a blur of prepping things for Thanksgiving and Christmas plus a big snowstorm.

We did successfully host our second Thanksgiving and I didn’t ruin the Turkey.


December brought out the Christmas decor (and new appliances for me!)

And another cookie decorating class…

Plus my weekend of making my own cookies.

My sister came into town for Christmas fun and we took pictures by a fun mural.

And then hosted our annual Christmas party (PJ themed)

And then the rest of our December did not look like thought it would be.

I unfortunately ended up in the ER on Christmas Day. Due to some hormone therapy gone wrong (I have very unbalanced hormones), I started hemorrhaging and required an emergency blood transfusion because I was going into shock. We stayed in the hospital overnight and it was overall a very scary experience. I had never had an IV before but I had three of them inserted into me (plus a catheter) and in about 5 minutes. Luckily, once they stop your bleeding, give you more blood, oxygen and fluids, you feel much better! Although it wrecked our Christmas plans, I am thankful I had a fast recovery and that I was off work for two weeks anyway.

I spent most of the break at home recovering but did feel up to going out for dinner on the 30th and on my birthday (New Years Eve) which was a lot of fun and I am glad I was able to!

That was my year as a 25 year old, now it’s time for 2020 and a year as a 26 year old!

Thanks for another wonderful year and for catching up!

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