Hi Friends! I’m back again! I know last week I said I was going to be posting Tuesday/Thursdays but for now, I am just planning on posting Tuesdays. Just one blog post a week – for now. Once it start getting light out in the evenings again, I plan to start One Pot Meals back up and will plan to post twice a week but until then, it will just be once. This is much more doable for me right now. I didn’t want to completely give up on the blog but I can’t commit to three times a week so that’s where we’re at right now!

Today I wanted to quickly go over my goals for 2020. I like to write down my goals as a good way to bench mark and evaluate where I’m at. I have a notebook/journal that I use just for goals. I’ve had it for a couple of years now and just keep using the same one. I write down my “Year” goals on one page and then at the start of each month, I write down my specific goals for the month (based on my year goals). At the end of the month, I recap and evaluate if I accomplished the goals or not, and write my goals for the next month and so on. Then at the end of the year I recap how I did on my overall year goals.

This is how I try and stay on track all year. I also like doing monthly check-ins because things change and so do my priorities and this is a great way to also stay flexible and focus on what I need to.

My goals for this year include:

Health: I have workout and healthy eating goals.

Home: we have a list of home projects to complete for the year.

Blog: Post two times/week and complete my 100 meals

Finance: We have a goal in mind of what how much we want to have saved by the end of the year (I do this every year).

Obviously, these are very vague and non-measurable, but I am more specific in my personal notebook on these (which is important to do so you can measure against something) I just wanted to give you some ideas on what my goals are and encourage you to write your own! (It’s never too late to start keeping track).

Thanks for catching up!

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