Most Used Baby Items – First 3 Months

Over the past three months, I have been keeping note of the baby items that we used the MOST and could not live without. I wanted to share these with any new or soon-to-be mamas because I think every mom of a newborn should have all of these! Every single one of these things are worth every penny and we seriously use them all every single day, multiple times a day. I have other “favorite” baby products, but if I don’t use it every single day, it didn’t make the list. (Don’t worry I will make sure I share *all* of my favorite baby items soon in different posts). But here are my favorite newborn products that I think everyone should have!

Most Used Newborn Products

  • Dock-a-Tot: We love the Dock-A-Tot. She sleeps amazing in this thing.
  • Play Mat Gym: Her favorite “toy”. She LOVES the black and white. She smiles at this thing so much and it make her so happy. 
  • Hatch Sound Machine: Probably the *most* used product (aside from diapers and clothes) in terms of time used. This sound machine is great and I love that there can be different presets programmed to it and that you can control it from your phone. 
  • Vava Baby Monitor: I love this monitor. It is easy to use and has a great picture and sound and has worked great for us. I didn’t want a Wi-Fi one because our internet isn’t great and this is better for baby-sitters. 
  • Nose Frida: We started sucking her boogers out and then she started sleeping 8 hours a night at 5-weeks old, I swear. Now we make sure she is cleared out every night before bed! It is so easy to get the snot out with this thing
  • Dr. Brown’s Bottles: We use the Options+ ones and they have been wonderful. She hasn’t had any tummy troubles or colic. We started with this gift set but bought more of each size
  • Drying Rack: With all the bottles, I am washing them by hand every day. I love this drying rack that is made specifically for bottles so they fit nicely, it fits ALL the parts, and it is small and space saving so it doesn’t take up much room on the counter. I like it better than the “grass” ones (I feel like there isn’t a lot of room on those and that the bottom would get all gross?)
  • Halo Swaddles: I shouldn’t have even bought any other swaddles – these are the best. She sleeps GREAT in them. They are super easy to use and I like that she has enough room in the bottom to kick and move around, but that at the top, I can get a really good and tight swaddle. We got fleece ones because she was a winter baby but they have lighter-weight ones as well.
  • Saline Drops: Along with the Nose Frida, we use the saline drops first to loosen things up before sucking and it makes it come out easier. (Spoiler alert – she hates this part)
  • Vava Nightlight: This little portable/chargeable night light is the best. We used it in the hospital, I used it in our room for night feedings the first two weeks and now it is in her room for night feedings/bedtime routine. It’s so much better than turning on a lamp or overhead light when you want them to be or stay tired!
  • Burp Cloths: We go through so many burp cloths. So, if you are expecting, stock up. We have at least 20.
  • Baby Brezza: Hands Down worth every penny if you are formula feeding. A bottle is made in seconds. No measuring, scooping or trying to mix out all the clumps. It will make it in a variety of temperatures too (but I just do room-temp). We have the Wi-FI model so that I can make it from my phone but they have less expensive models as well! 
  • Puppy Pads: Yep, we use these every day when we change her so if there’s a mess we can just throw it away!
  • Zipper Pjs: You need zipper PJs that un-zip from the bottom. It makes your life so much easier for diaper changes. This is what she wore almost exclusively the first few months. Our favorites are from Old Navy. They also had hand covers which we used the first few weeks so she didn’t scratch!
  • Humidifier: We use this in her room to make sure it isn’t too dry and to help with congestion. (Tip: use distilled water to keep the humidifier nice and clean).

Of course, we used diapers, wipes and formula daily too. But I feel like those are givens.

I am sure the list of our most used items will change as she grows older, but I am sure a lot of these will stay on the list for months to come too! I’ll be sure to post what are most used items every few months! So be on the lookout for that as well as my other baby product posts!

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