4th Trimester Recap

We just finished what is known as the “4th Trimester”, which is basically the first 3-ish months after giving birth. It is a time where your baby is learning how to “live” on the outside, and you are learning how to take care of them and also recover physically. I wanted to do a quick recap, similar to how I recapped my other trimesters. 

So far, Camilla has been a wonderful baby. Better than I could’ve asked for. She is a great sleeper, eats wells and is so happy. She is healthy, growing fast and we are so blessed. She is very tall and lean, and in 6-month clothing already. Plus, I think she is the cutest baby ever – but I am her mom 🙂

There of course have been challenges and hard days, where she just wouldn’t go to sleep, or was crying for no reason (honestly has only happened like twice though). And just learning how to be a mom has been hard and stressful at times. 

I had a long recovery from my C-Section and it took a long time for me to be as active as I like to be without having pain. But everything has been healing well and I got approval from my doctor for all activities by 6 weeks. 

Camilla has met most of her immediate family now, and a few friends, and hasn’t met someone she doesn’t like. She loves being the center of attention and her pediatrician named her “Miss Personality”. 

She loves her black and white playmat the most. And loves to smile and kick her legs. She also started blowing bubbles recently and has rolled over tummy to back a few times now. She doesn’t complain in the car or carseat (even when traveling 30 minutes or an hour away) but she never looks happy in it either lol. She is most happy somewhere she can kick and move around for sure. 

She sleeps wonderfully, and started sleeping 8 hours straight at 5 weeks and by 8 weeks was sleeping 11 hours straight. 

Her eyes are still blue and her hair is light brown – but sometimes it looks darker and sometimes it looks almost red. She gets a bath every 3 days and is starting to like those more now too. 

I am so lucky that I had 13 weeks off of work, which honestly still isn’t enough in my opinion. But I know others don’t even get that much so I am trying to appreciate it. 

We haven’t gone many places with her other than the doctor and my mom’s house, and a few errands where she didn’t get out of the car. But that is okay. I liked the excuse of cold weather and COVID to be able to stay home and enjoy this time together and really establish a great bond and routine. 

(I realized as I was typing this that it has just been random thoughts I had about our first 3 months, but I kind of liked it and kept going.)

That’s a look at our first three months with Miss Camilla. The days are long but the months are short. Time goes by so fast and I can’t believe we are already a quarter of the way through her first year of life.

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