Bath Time Essentials for a Newborn

In addition to my most used baby items I posted about, I wanted to make a separate post about bath time/hygiene baby essentials as well. We use all of these products a ton too! Maybe not every day if I am being honest… ha, but definitely a lot! We definitely couldn’t live without them. So, if you are expecting, add these items to your registry, and if you already have a little one, add these to your cart (if you don’t already own them!)

  • Whale Bath: I love this 3-in-1 bath. It includes a sling that can be used two ways or be taken out, so it grows with your baby. It can be used on a counter and filled up or used in a bigger tub. It makes bath time super easy!
  • Pourer: I love this water pour too because it matches but it also has a wide “spout” and works really well.
  • Wash Cloths: You will go through a lot of wash cloths so just stock up. We have some Pottery Barn ones and some from Target.
  • Hooded Towels: Gotta love a baby in a hooded towel! The ones from Pottery Barn are a splurge but such a great quality – they are my favorite.
  • Body Wash and Shampoo: I like the Cetaphil brand wash. It’s what I use on my skin so I trusted it for my baby. It smells “fresh” and she hasn’t had any reactions.
  • Lotion: Same for the lotion. Cetaphil has worked great for us.
  • Butt Paste: This diaper rash cream is the best! As soon as she shows any sign of rash or redness, we put this on and it clears it up right away.
  • Applicator: This applicator makes applying the butt paste super easy.
  • Tubby Todd All Over Ointment: Baby girl had some rash/dryness and this took it right away! Miracle cream!
  • Baby Frida Nail Clippers: These nail clippers work really well for babies! After a few times, you will become a pro and it won’t be so scary!
  • Comb: Our baby was born with lots of hair so a comb was a must for after bath!
  • Receiving blankets: We use these in the bath to cover her up while we wash other parts. They aren’t too big or thick but work better than a small wash cloth.
  • DermaFrida: This was super helpful for some scaly skin in her scalp! It got rid of it so quickly!

I am sure this list will expand and change as she gets older but this is our newborn bath time essentials list. We currently only bathe her every 3rd day, but I think I will increase that as she has gotten older! Drop any questions or any must haves on your list below!

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