What to Put in a Postpartum Kit

I wanted to be as prepared as possible before giving birth and bringing a newborn home, so I researched everything I needed to make my postpartum recovery easier. I decided to put together a postpartum kit that would have all of the essentials in it that would be easy to access and ready for me when I got home (so I wouldn’t have to worry about it). I had planned for a vaginal birth so this kit was made for that. But, I ended up having a C-section, so some of the things in my kit were obsolete – but not everything! I am going to share the entire kit anyway because I think the stuff I didn’t use would have been helpful if I did have a vaginal delivery. *I will note what I did and didn’t use.*

First off, I got this really cute and functional organizer that worked perfectly to fit everything nicely and it also fit on the back of the toilet! Definitely recommend. 

Postpartum Kit Must Haves:

  • Disposable Underwear: For the first few days these were way easier than real underwear! Also keep these by the toilet, it was easiest to change there I found.
  • Extra Heavy Night Pads: I liked that these were super thin but still were very absorbent! Great for the first few days home.
  • Regular pads: After a few days home, I switched to these and again, liked that they were super thin.
  • Reusable Underwear Icepacks – I didn’t use in my underwear but I did put them in my bra when trying to dry my milk up and they were great because they were soft jelly-like! (I also think they would be great in your underwear if you had a vaginal delivery – they came with reusable covers
  • Cabo Cream: If you do not plan to breastfeed (or decide to stop) this cream was a lifesaver! It helped with engorgement and pain a ton!
  • Foaming Witch Hazel – Didn’t need due to C-Section
  • Peri Bottle – Didn’t need due to C-Section but kept for the future!
  • Tucks – Didn’t need due to C-section
  • Dermaplast – Didn’t need due to C-section
  • Advil – Didn’t need my own because I. was prescribed multiple pain killers after surgery to take home… I don’t think you would be after vaginal delivery so probably best to have some on hand
  • Stool Softeners – again I was prescribed these so I just picked them up with the pain meds, but I wouldn’t have made a trip to the pharmacy if they only prescribed these (I would’ve just used what I bought) Either way you need them.
  • Epsom Salt – Bought for baths but I couldn’t take a bath for at least 6 weeks, but I hear for Vaginal deliveries that sitting in Epsom salt helps with recovery!
  • Panty Liners – used these but not until like 5 weeks PP
  • Belly band/Waist Trainer: I started wearing this about 10 days PP and wore it for about 5 weeks. This one was a great price and worked great. It comes with three pieces but I only used the one that goes around the abdomen. It helps me feel so much better!
  • Remodel Stretch Mark Serum: I didn’t get stretch marks until 38 weeks, but they were pretty big and dark once they showed up! This serum is really working at fading them.

Other things I had ready were clothes that I could wear postpartum:

  • High Wasted Underwear: these were great because they kept everything “sucked in” but weren’t uncomfortable. I wore these after I ran out of mesh ones. I wore them until about 5 weeks PP. Even if you hate granny panties (like me) you need them!
  • Maternity PJs and Leggings: I wore maternity pants until 5-6 weeks PP so don’t pack them away too soon! 
  • Comfy and Baggy T Shirts
  • Cozy Cardigans/Sweatshirts
  • High wasted joggers: I bought these and it also helped me feel like things were staying “in”
  • Comfy Bras: I continued to wear the ones I bought during pregnancy!
  • One nice outfit for newborn photos: I picked out a sweater that was not tight and wore my maternity jeans!

For clothing postpartum it was all about comfort and easiness to put on. With my incision it was hard to get dressed at first! The first 6 weeks I went basically nowhere and we didn’t have a ton of visitors so I did not care what I was wearing. It is all going to get spit up on it anyway – so pick things that wash and dry well. 

Most of this list applies whether you have a vaginal delivery or C-section but I plan to make a specific C-Section Recovery post as well too! My only other tip would be to not take everything out of the packaging until you know you need it, that was you can return it if you don’t 🙂

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