Nursery Decor and Essentials

Along with all of my other baby product posts, I wanted to share Camilla’s nursery with you all as well! This blog post will be a combination of sharing my favorite nursery products and also the nursery décor we selected. My goal was to have a neutral base in this room and then add gender specific items, that way with just a few changes, this room could be used for future babies too! I also started decorating this room before we knew the gender, so I was able to get a head start and not feel overwhelmed at the end because so much of it was already done.

We painted, hung up the shiplap wallpaper and hung a new light fixture before we even got pregnant because the room was empty and I knew it would be a nursery someday!

Nursery Essentials I Recommend:

Changing Pad: I love that this changing pad is wipe-able. No extra laundry to do here like with traditional changing pads! Also, this one was way cheaper than the Peanut and looked similar.

Diaper Pail: Trust me you NEED a diaper pail. Those diapers do not smell good. I like this one, it’s a good size and you can use regular trash bags in it. Definitely a must. 

Crib/Dresser/Side Table: I purchased these all to match (but did the side table in white to break things up a bit). They were a good price and I am happy with them all!

Rocker: You need a comfy rocker for feeding and rocking! We use ours all the time. 

Foot Rest: If your glider doesn’t come with a footrest, you definitely will want to get one. 

Lamp: I also recommend a lamp of some sort for when you don’t want the harsh overhead light. I also used a smart plug so I could ask Alexa to turn it on and off without having to get up!

Laundry Basket: Place this next to your changing table… trust me. 

Book Shelves: We had a ton of books and I wanted to display them! We just used picture frame ledges from Target!

Sheets/Extra sheets/Mattress Pad: I read once that you should layer sheet, mattress pad, sheet on your mattress so that when/if there are messes (there will be) you can just pull off the top sheet and throw it in the wash and you still have a clean sheet under it. 

Sound Machine: This was already on my most used items but it is making an appearance again because this thing is a must!

Baby monitor: I love this baby monitor – it works really well!

Storage: I have a few bins to hold blankets and stuffed animals and a chest in the closet foor toys. 

Name Sign: I bought her this name sign from 48 Hour Monogram and love it!

I am so glad I had this all set up before baby girl arrived so that when it was time to start using her nursery more, it was all ready to go. Now we spend so much time in there feeding, reading, cuddling, changing and of course sleeping!

Here’s some more pictures of her space!

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