Fort Lauderdale 2021

Last month we took our first vacation in a long time! We spent 5 nights in Fort Lauderdale and it was a true, relaxing getaway. It was just Miguel and myself (no baby this time) and I missed Camilla a ton but she was in good hands with my mom and I was actually able to relax and rest which was much needed!

We stayed at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort which was a great hotel. Everything was nice and clean and the service was great. It was located right on the beach and had a large private beach area and a big pool area as well. There were three restaurants on site and we really stayed at the resort most of the time!

It was our first time in Ft. Lauderdale and it is definitely a different vibe than what I am used to in Siesta Key. It is more party/night life centered and there was tons of traffic. We were there Memorial Day weekend so it was pretty crowded everywhere but I don’t think that hampered our experience. We decided to not rent a car and we just Ubered from the Airport to hotel and then used Uber a couple of times for Dinner. The hotel was about a mile from the public beach and a strip of restaurants and we did walk down a couple of times so we didn’t really need a car. We also got some groceries delivered via Instacart the first day we arrived which was great and I highly recommend. (We got some breakfast items, snacks, bottled water and alcohol delivered to save some money.)

Our first day we checked in and headed to the bar while we waited on our room to be ready. Once it was ready we went upstairs to change into our swimsuits and head to the hot tub. We had a great ocean front room. After some hot tub time we clean up a little and ate dinner at the beach front restaurant on property.

The next day, we had reservations at the spa for massages. The spa also had a private pool for spa guests only to use all day the day of their treatment. This was super nice because it was all adults, quiet and peaceful. The massage was pretty great and relaxing too! Definitely worth the money to have the special amenities. We were there all day before going up to clean up for dinner. We headed to Las Olas Boulevard to eat at Tommy Bahama’s Merlin Bar. We sat outside and people watched. The weather was gorgeous!

The next day was our beach day. We headed out early to get a good spot on the beach. Unfortunately only about an hour in or so, it started down pouring and would not let up. We finally gave up on a beach day and decided to head to the hot tub again to warm up. We spent the rest of the afternoon in the hot tub and met some really nice people.

The next day the weather was back to being gorgeous again and we got to the pool early for good chairs. We spent the whole day just relaxing, eating, reading and swimming. That night we ate on the beach front restaurant again. I couldn’t get over how nice the weather was. Not too hot or humid!

The next day was our last full day and we decided we liked being at the pool so we grabbed our good spot again and parked it for the day. I love resorts that have pool-side food and drink service so you never have to leave 🙂 We got cleaned up and walked down to the public beach/main strip area for dinner at a restaurant with a beach view before heading back to the hotel for some pictures and finish packing.

We were up bright and early the next day to head home. I was sad to leave but also couldn’t wait to get home to my baby.

It was so nice to travel again and things felt “normal” which was also nice and we were able to enjoy ourselves.

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